How I Did My Color Splash Project :))


Step 1: I found this fire hydrant walking through my school, and thought, “Hey I could take a picture of this and Color splash wherever the light hits”

Step 2: After I took the picture, I thought it was a great idea to shoot from different angles

Step 3: After choosing this angle, I rushed to photoshop to edit my picture

Step 4: First I used the “Lasso” tool to quickly select all the areas of the fire hydrant the light hit

Step 5: After carefully “Lassoing” I right-clicked my mouse and chose “Select Inverse”

Step 6: When I clicked “Select Inverse” I went to the Adjustments tab and clicked “Black and White” and fixed the Contrast to make it darker

I would’ve changed the angle of the picture and the contrast, it looks too dark.

I chose this subject because I thought it would have been unique to just Color Splash the light.

This is Makaila's Beautiful Flower picture

This is Makaila’s Beautiful Flower picture Here is a link

Makaila‘s Photography is very unique and beautiful because she makes it her own.




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